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The Prophet Mohamad (pbuh&hp) and his Progeny are the salvation for the world

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Alagd Althameen - Prophethood


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Concerning Knowing the Prophet

Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny is our prophet.

This is because he came with miracles24 that succeeded his Prophetic mission; all of which can only exist for a true prophet.

It is from necessary knowledge that he was from the tribe named Quraysh. In this tribe, there was a family named Bani Hāshim. In [this family] was a man named Muhammad bin Abdullah. It is from the necessary knowledge that he had the Prophetic mission and came with the Qur‟ān after this Prophetic mission. He came with challenging verses that he recited to the polytheists. They heard it and were finished by its eloquence. It is from necessary knowledge that they showed great enmity against him.
Regarding our earlier statement: It [i.e. the Qur‟ān] is a miracle because they were challenged to produce the like of it,25 but they were defeated. Then, they were challenged to bring a chapter like it, but they couldn‟t do that. Consequently, if they were able to do so, they would have opposed him with great enmity. They would have known to counter him with the like of what he came with to invalidate his claim. They would have done so by means of coming with something equal to it and causing great difficulty to him in their conflict. However, there is no proof that they invalidated his claim. That proves that he came with a miracle.
Also, the Qur‟ān contains unseen information about the future26 and past matters27. Its conveyance of information about the past and future proves that it is a miracle. This is not possible for a human being.
He also performed many miracles that numbered to one thousand.28 For example, a rock came to him; it overflowed water like a ship; a tree walked to him; the dead was revived; and pebbles in his hand glorified Allah. There are many more examples. Regarding that which we have mentioned, it took place because he is a true Prophet. This is because the manifestation of miracles by the hands of liars is obscene and the Exalted does not do that. If his truthfulness is established and his Prophethood is authentic, then the truthfulness of what he conveyed to us about the previous prophets and messengers is established. Also, this obligates the authenticity of their Prophethood and the truthfulness of the messages they conveyed. This is clear.

Concerning Knowledge of the Qur'ān

The Quran is the speech29 of Allah, the Exalted; and it is audible, and existent (muhdath), created speech.

Regarding the statement that it is the speech of Allah, the Exalted: The Exalted says: {If any of the polytheists seek protection from you, grant it to them so that he may hear the speech of Allah} (Q. 9:6). Since it is known that speech was something audible to the polytheist, it is nothing other than this Qur‟ān. Because it is necessary knowledge that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny, called to and conveyed that. He does not call to anything but the right, and he does not convey anything but the truth. Since the miracle was manifested at his hand, he was entrusted with eliminating any errors and lies manifested by means of what he conveyed.
Regarding my statement that it is audible: It is known as that which is heard, as well as by the statement of the Exalted: {…Indeed, we have heard an amazing Qur‟ān!} (Q. 72:1). It is from necessary knowledge that that audible speech is this Qur‟ān.
Regarding my statement that it is existent (muhdath):30 It is amongst the actions of the Exalted. By necessity, the actor precedes the action. That which is preceded by Him is other than Him, which makes it existent. Consequently, something precedes something else. That proves that it is existent. [It is also proven] by the statement of the Exalted: {No Reminder (adh-dhikr) comes to them existent (muhdath) from their Lord…} (Q. 21:2). The “Reminder” is the Qur‟ān; as the Exalted states: {Verily, it is a Reminder for you and your people…} (Q. 43:44); that is, it is an honor for you and your people.31
Regarding my statement that it is created: It is arranged in proportionate order. It is well-known that it is arranged in sections and exists between pages. It is created. Regarding what was narrated on the authority of „Umar bin al-Khaŧŧāb—the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny, said: ((Allah was when there was nothing and then, He created the Reminder)).32 The Reminder is the Qur‟ān, as was mentioned earlier.33
Then say: I believe that it is the truth with no falsehood in it. This is based on the Exalted‟s statement: {Verily it is in a Mighty Book. Falsehood cannot enter it from the front of it or behind it.} (Q. 41:41-42).
Then say: I believe that there is no deficiency, mistakes, or contradictions in it. {If it was from other than Allah, you would find many contradictions in it.} (Q. 4:82).




24 The meaning of “miracles” is that which cannot be duplicated.
25 {Do they say: “He has concocted it”? But they do not believe. Then, let them produce the like thereof if they are truthful} (Q. 52:33-34) {If humans and jinn were to come together to produce the like of this Qur‟ān, they could not produce the like thereof; even if they were to assist each other} (Q. 17:88) {Do they say, “He invented it”? Say: “Then bring ten chapters like it that have been invented an call upon whomever you can besides Allah, if you are telling the truth. If they do not answer you, know that it was revealed by Allah‟s knowledge. There is no god but He. Would you be Muslims?} (Q. 11:13-14)
26 For example, the Exalted says: {Allah has certainly showed His Messenger the dream in truth. You will certainly enter the Sacred Mosque safely, if Allah wills} (Q. 48:27). This, of course, took place not long after the prophecy. One may propose that such prophecies took place after the events; however, this is untenable because if such blatant distortion of facts would have occurred at such an early stage in Islam‟s development, the persecuted, fledging community would have deserted him as a pretender.
27 This refers to the accounts of the previous prophets and communities. This is considered miraculous because the Prophet Muhammad was not schooled in the religious traditions of the Jews and Christians but yet showed in-depth knowledge of their textual traditions and histories. This can only come about by means of Divine inspiration.
28 It is also said that he performed three thousand miracles. In the book, Ash-Shifā`, Qāďi Iyād said: “
Know that the miracles of our Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny, are many and cannot be accurately enumerated. Only one of them is the Qur’an. You cannot enumerate the number of his miracles; whether it is one thousand, two thousand, or more.

29 “Speech” is defined as that which consists of at least two letters or more and conveys a meaning.
30 This is to distinguish it from being “Pre-Existent” (qadīm).
31 There are no explicit proofs in the Qur‟ān or the Sunnah for the eternality of the Qur‟ān. The proofs are simply philosophical and have thus been philosophically opposed. Regarding the textual proofs that are used to disprove the pre-existence and eternality of the Qur‟ān, some of the following are cited:
First, {And when they would not let themselves be guided by it [i.e. the Qur‟ān], they say: “This is an ancient (qadīm) lie!” Before this [i.e. the Qur‟ān] was the Book of Moses…} (Q. 46:11-12). The implication of the verse indicates that something [i.e. “the Book of Moses”] existed before the Qur‟ān; therefore, the Qur‟ān cannot be pre-existent.
Second, {Verily, We have made (ja‘ala) this an Arabic Qur‟ān so that you may use intellect} (Q. 43:3). The word “make” (ja‘ala) means to create or to change the state of something into another state; both of which only applies to creation. For example, {…and made (ja‘ala) the darkness and light} (Q. 6:1) and {Verily I will make (ja‘ala) you an imam for mankind} (Q. 2:124).
Third, {The month of Ramadan in which the Qur„ān was revealed} (2:185). The proof in this is twofold. First, the Qur‟ān was said to be revealed during a certain period of time. That which is enclosed in time is created and cannot be eternal. Second, the Arabic world for “revealed” literally means “to send down from one place to another”. This implies space and that which is enclosed in space is created and cannot be eternal.
32 Narrated in Tafsīr ar-Rāzi.
33 Imam at-Tirmidhi in his Sunan and Imam as-Suyūti in his Durr al-Manthūr narrated that Ibn Mas‟ūd said: “Allah did not create anything from the heavens and earth greater than the Verse of the Chair [i.e. Q. 2:255].”


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