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Doesn’t Ali’s pledging allegiance to Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, and ‘Uthmân proves that he held their rule to be legitimate?


The Zaydis hold that Imam ‘Ali, upon him be peace, did not willfully pledge allegiance to the first three caliphs. One of our scholars, ‘Allama Ahmed bin Mūsa at-Tabari (d. 340 AH), may Allah have mercy on him, had a discussion with a person who held to the view that Amîr al-Muminîn, upon him be peace, pledged allegiance. He said:

“You say that he pledged allegiance to them and later broke his pledge and reneged. But the breaker of pledges and one who reneges is in the Hellfire!”


He then went on to recount when the third caliph ‘Uthmân was confined to his house by the Muslims in a siege. Allama at-Tabari said:

“On that day, ‘Ali was present in Medina but he did not fight him nor did he help him. His refusal to help him proves that he did not pledge allegiance to him. This is because Ali, upon him be peace, used to recite in the Qur’ân the verse: {But if they seek help from you in the religion, you are obliged to help} (Q. 8:72) and {Then, when he decided to lay hands on the one who was an enemy to both of them} (Q. 28:19).

Do you not see that Moses, upon him be peace, helped that Israeli man against the Copt when he was an enemy to both of them and to Allah? It is as the Exalted says to Moses: {Take him as an enemy to me and him} (Q. 20:39). If the enemy of ‘Ali bin Abi Tâlib, upon him be peace; the enemy of ‘Uthmân; and the enemy of the killers were the same, he would have helped him and fought them…This statement should be an evidence and a clear proof to you that he [i.e. Ali] did not pledge allegiance to him.”


Regarding Imam Ali’s supposed pledge to ‘Umar, Allama at-Tabari said:

“This ‘Umar bin al-Khattâb was killed by Abu Lu` Lu`. However, Ali did not seek retaliation for him like he sought retaliation against ‘Ubaydullah bin ‘Umar who unlawfully killed al-Hurmazân the Persian. He pursued [‘Ubaydullah] until the latter ran to Mu’awiya for protection. ‘Ali continued to pursue him until the latter was killed in the Battle of Siffîn in the army of Mu’awiya.”


Regarding Imam Ali’s supposed pledge to Abu Bakr, Allama at-Tabari said:

“You know the Muslim community collectively agrees that the Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, said: ((Allah is angry with the one who Fâtima is angry with)). She died while she was angry with Abu Bakr and those that assisted him in discontinuing her inheritance from her father by seizing Fadak from her ownership. No one from the Muslim community doubts this.”       


Allama at-Tabari’s argument is that it is not possible that Amîr al-Muminîn, ‘Ali bin Abi Tâlib willfully pledged allegiance to one who incurred the anger of Allah.

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