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Salvation Ark

The Prophet Mohamad (pbuh&hp) and his Progeny are the salvation for the world

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The Prayer of the Middle of Rajab


The Prayer of the Middle of Rajab
From the book of guidance to the salvation of the slaves

You pray 10 prostrations units and you read in every unit the Fatiha of the Book (Quran) and 3 times the Surat Alekhlass, and 3 times Surat Alkaferrun. After you have finished your prayer, by making the final salutation, lift your hands to the sky in supplication and say: " La Ilah Ila Allah Wahdahu La Shareek Lah. Lahu Almulk Wa Lahu Alhamd Yahyee Wa Yumeet wa Hua Hay La Yamut Beadhee Alkhair Wa Hua Ala Kul Shai Gader. Ilahan Waheedan Samadan Lam Yatakheth Sahebah Wa La Walada. (There is no God but Allah. Him Alone with no partners. For him is all the kingdom and for him is all praises. He gives life and takes it away and he is everlasting. He has all blessing and he is all powerful. One God that did not take for himself a companion or a son.) Then you wipe your face.

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