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The Prophet Mohamad (pbuh&hp) and his Progeny are the salvation for the world

i believe zaidis don't believe in the adhab of qabr, is this true? if so what is the daleel, do all the hadith considered weak?


Punishment in the grave (adhaab al-qabr) is firmly established (thaabit). The meaning of it is the punishment of the spirit in the life of Barzakh. The proof for it is in the Exalted’s statement to Pharaoh: {The Fire—they are being exposed to it morning and night! When the Day of the Last Hour appears, [it will be said to them:] “Cause the people of Pharaoh to enter the most severe torment!”}  .

[The reference is from Surah Ghafir verse 46. This is an explicit proof that there is punishment in the grave! One of our imams, Sayyid Muhammad bin al-Hasan bin Imam Mansoor Billah al-Qasim bin Muhammad, upon them be peace, dedicated a chapter to adhaab al-qabr in his book, Sabeel ar-Rashaad. He said that it is firmly established and the opinion of the majority of Ahl al-Bayt. He cited the verse as a proof: {Our Lord, You caused us to die twice and caused us to live twice} (Q. 40:16).

He also cited numerous ahadith like: ((The grave is either a garden from the gardens of paradise or a pit from the pits of Hellfire)) and others. He also referenced a passage from Nahj al-Balagha where Amir al-Mumineen (as) said: 

Thereafter he was clad in the shroud while he remained quiet and thoroughly submissive to others. Then he was placed on planks in such a state that he had been down-trodden by hardships and thinned by ailments. The crowd of young men and helping brothers carried him to his house of loneliness where all connections of visitors are severed. Thereafter those who accompanied him went away and those who were wailing for him returned and then he was made to sit in his grave for terrifying questioning and slippery examination. The great calamity of that place is the hot water and entry into Hell, flames of eternal Fire and intensity of blazes. There is no resting period, no gap for ease, no power to intervene, no death to bring about solace and no sleep to make him forget pain. He rather lies under several kinds of deaths and moment-to-moment punishment. We seek refuge with Allah.


Those who deny the adhaab al-qabr quote verses such as Surah Yasin verse 52 where the people who are resurrected will say: {“Woe be unto us! Who has raised us from our sleep?”} and the angels will say: {“This is what the Most Merciful promised! His Messengers have spoken the truth!”}. Their argument from this verse is that if the dead were conscious and punished in the grave, how can they be said to be “sleep”? The opponents of adhaab al-qabr also say that those verses that support it are not conclusive and can be interpreted another way and those ahadith that support it are akhbar al-ahad (singularly narrated) and it is consensus of Ahl al-Bayt that those type of narrations can’t be relied upon to prove aqeeda

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