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The Prophet Mohamad (pbuh&hp) and his Progeny are the salvation for the world

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Can you give me the text which say Do not raise their hands at the beginning of salat? Have you got any text in sunni book which Support this position? Raise hands at the beginning of salat and in the salat is repeal? Give me please dear imam barakallah f
What is the zaydi view on saying salaam right to left if that would break their qiblah during prayer? Also, why is the zaydi view on praying on things that are not wearable etc like leaves, dirt, or torbah?
What is zaidi view on Raising the finger in Tashud ?
And what about saying ameen at the end of Surah al Fateeha ( Surah AL hamdu LILAH ) ?
From the list of Zaydi imams I have, there have been periods in the past where Zaydis had several imams at the same time; while in other periods there were not any imams at all. How do Zaydis view this? Is the doctrine that there is always a imam present
Was Imam Zayd (AS) betrayed by the Rawaafid because he would not curse Abu Bakr and Umar?
Is there a zaidi riwaya of the quran? there are many in sunni islam, hafs, warsh etc. I would have assumed that as inheritors of the ahl bayt, there was one passed down with the imams as well?
There are no issues with tawassul, right? Zaidi's allow it? For example if i do tawassul with Rasul (s) to ask him to ask Allah on my behalf to guide me etc. Is that allowed in zaidi? if so how does one do it?
Did the imams have any special daily wirds (litanies) they did?
What is the Zaydi opinion concerning Abu Hurayra and his narrations?

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    Thank you for your question! We are presently translating the works of our Imams (as). Most of them are large works which take a long time. The translation as well as editing of the texts is quite an ...

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    Do IRS currently plans to translate this book or another works of our Imams (as) ?

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    Thank you for your question! I apologise for the delay!

    Zaydis do not believe that the imams (as) have knowledge of the unseen. This is established in even the earliest sources and authorities. It w...

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    I wanted to know if Zaydis believe their Imams have had knowledge of the unknown or not? And if yes, what is the source of that knowledge? If it is from God, doesn't it mean Imams were ashabi wa...

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