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Salam, I would love to be a part of this honorable initiative. I am currently working on translating the works of Al-Kadhim Al-Zaydi, as they were the reason for my conversion from twelverism to Zaidism.

I believe that we all have a grand responsibility and towards those who gave everything for the sake of our guidance, who were not stingy in the least bit with their knowledge - this is the least that we can do.

We in the West, have a heavy responsibility, and it isn't for the sake of proving our Madhab, nor is it for the sake of feeling a sense of intellectual superiority. This creed is a creed that honors Allah, it is a creed that fights against the Kufr of Tajsim, and the hideousness of attributing injustices to Allah by saying that we ought to follow an Imam that we cannot reach, see, nor receive guidance from. Through the Madhab of the Ahlulbayt we will not only be able to open the doors of mercy to the world, we will not allow all the blood that was shed, and all the sacrifices that were made by our dear Imams to go in vain;

Shall the recompense of goodness be other than goodness? {55:60}

What will we say to Imam Zayd, to Imam Qasim, Imam Al-Hadi, Imam MansurBillah, and to all those stars who did all that they did for us? I cannot, but be filled with guilt, grief, and embarrassment in imagining these great lanterns viewing our state now. You brother(s) have decided to be of those great few who Imam Zayd praised in his Praise of the few, and dispraise of the many

I am confident in saying that there is so much that can be accomplished, we are on a different playing field now. If we can all gather together, maybe once a week and discuss our initiatives, encourage one another in the revival of the school of the Ahlulbayt we can do in little time what others took decades to achieve.

I believe a solid blueprint for our success is:

(a) Building a community, there are so many brothers who are knowledgeable, the issue is everyone is scattered.

(b) Continuously meeting with our community via Zoom (maybe once, or twice a week) and keeping each other motivated through texts, and being there for one another, we need to be a family.

(c) Getting 3-4 of our most polished brothers on the YouTube scene, we can do this by sharing recordings of important discussions, and once the ball is rolling we will begin to challenge twelvers, and sunnis to debates.

(d) Continuing to polish, as well as publish our Zaydi sites. These will be the necessary links presented to anyone who wants to know more about the creed of the Ahlulbayt.

(e) After we eventually establish a robust standing in the English-Speaking Muslim world - Insha'Allah - we go on to work towards opening the first school of the Ahlulbayt, a mini-seminary. From there we will continue to write, translate, teach, and record.

I truly believe that Allah will support us, and we will accomplish what no other sect has in the world, we have the Ahlulbayt on our sides. Imam Al-Nasir guided a million sun-worshippers! We have the works of all the Imams, not just Imam Nasir, how many millions can we guide? This is the best time to accomplish this goal.

The Salafis are overtaking London by their Da'wah, all it took was some passionate individuals to rise and preach their creed; only Allah knows what we can accomplish, but we need to act now, our time here is very short and what an honor it is to be able to serve.

Let us get together once a week over a zoom call, let us begin planning, let us start a community and know that If ye will aid (the cause of) Allah, He will aid you, and plant your feet firmly. {47:7}
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9 months 2 weeks ago #1292 by Imam Rassi Society
wa alaykum as salaam!

Thank you so much for your initiative and willingness to help! However, to clarify the role of IRS, we are solely a volunteer translation effort. There are others who have the mission to establish communities, provide lectures, websites, etc. The way we see it, these future endeavours will need reliable and accurate translated books and literature, and that's where we can contribute.

If you are interested in aiding in our translation projects, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I can also put you in contact with others who have expressed this desire to build communities, as you mentioned.

And Allah knows best!

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