iftar/breaking the fast

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As salam o aly kum Brother can u guide me what is the zadi view on the time of iftar(breaking the fast) in ramzan ... zaidis have same belief like asna ashris like breaking the fast after the salat al magrib or like sunnis ?

wa alaykum as salaam.

Thank you for your question!

The time for iftar comes in at the same time as the maghrib prayer. We say that this time is when you can see a star if the night is clear.

We break the fast before the prayer due to a hadith in the Majmu Imam Zayd (as) where the Prophet, salla allahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam, encourages the hastening of breaking the fast. However, breaking the fast means eating or drinking something. It does not refer to eating a complete meal as in some cultures. So it shouldn't take long to break the fast.

And Allah knows best!


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