Fatwa: Errors in pronunciation

4 years 4 months ago #204 by Imam Rassi Society
Question: Do errors in the pronunciation of letters invalidate the prayer?


It does not invalidate it especially if it was done inadvertently and not deliberately. However, it is religiously obligatory for a person to learn the proper pronunciation, the Faatiha and another Surah. The proof for that is that our people have made the tasbeeh [i.e. saying "Subhan Allah wa alhamdulillah wa laa ilaaha ila Allah wa Allahu akbar"] a substitution for the Faatiha.

--answered by Sayyid Allama Muhammad bin Abdul-Azeem al-Houthi
الجواب: لا يفسدها سيما إذا كان سهواً ولم يتعمد لكن يجب على الإنسان أن يتعلم المخارج والفاتحة وسورة والدليل على ذلك أن أصحابنا جعلوا بدلاً عن الفاتحة التسبيح.

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