Fatwa: Buying goods for the poor from Zakat

4 years 7 months ago #250 by Imam Rassi Society
Question: I have zakat from what is extracted from the ground and trade funds. Is is permissible to use the zakat from these things to buy clothes, flour or other things for the poor person?


The trader may use the funds to buy what we wants such as clothes or other things while extracting it from any type. However, whatever grows from the earth such as grapes, apples, oranges, corn, wheat and barley, it is not permissible to extract zakat from these things except from the same type: wheat from wheat, barley from barley, grapes from grapes, oranges from oranges.

--answered by Sayyid Allama Muhammad bin Abdul-Azeem al-Houthi
الجواب: التاجر يجوز له أن يشتري ما أراد من ثياب وغيرها ويخرج من أي نوع وأما ما أنبتت الأرض مثل العنب والتفاح والبرتقال والذرة والبر والشعير فلا يجوز إخراج زكاته إلا من العين البر من البر والشعير من الشعير والزبيب زبيب والبرتقال من البرتقال.

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