Fatwa: Zakat on houses, shops and leased land

4 years 7 months ago #251 by Imam Rassi Society
Question: How is zakat paid on houses, shops and leased land?


There is a difference of opinion. The majority say that there is no zakat paid on these things. Abu Ja'far al-Husami claimed that there is consensus that zakat is not paid on these things. However, the scholars say that his claim of consensus is an error. The established position of the madhhab is that one is obligated to pay zakat on these things. The later authorities of the madhhab say that one is to pay 2.5% of their values. The closest opinion to me and the foundations of the madhhab is that one is obligated to pay 2.5% on the income. This is the opinion of Imam Al-Mutawakkil Allah Sharaf al-Din, peace be upon him, and the established position of the madhhab.

--answered by Sayyid Allama Muhammad bin Abdul-Azeem al-Houthi
الجواب: فيه خلاف الجمهور على أن لا زكاة فيها , وقد ادعى أبو جعفر الهوسمي الإجماع على عدم تزكيتها , وقد خطأه العلماء في ادعاء الإجماع , والمقرر للمذهب أنه يجب تزكيتها فالمذاكرون المتأخرون من أهل المذهب يقولون إنه يجب فيها ربع عشر قيمتها , والأقرب عندي وعلى أصول المذهب أنه يجب ربع عشر الدخل وهو رأي الإمام المتوكل على الله شرف الدين عليه السلام وتقريره للمذهب.

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