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4 years 6 months ago #300 by monagian
Assalaamu alaykom!

I have been thinking about one thing every since I decided to become zaydi. I am living in west, in Finland. There are not zaydis here in my knowledge. Also there are not even many mosques here (not sunni nor shia). Sure there are some. This is what I have been thinking. Since Finland is christian country, after my death I dont want to be buried by christian methods. I would like to join officially in some religious community so that I could have islamic funeral. Now here is where my problem takes place. I have heard that praying behind ithna ashari is not allowed? In Finland there is only one shia community and that is 12ers. Should I join them since zaydis are shias or would it be better to join sunni community? This is really quite important for me since I really do want to have islamic funeral and in here it is only possible by joining some islamic community. It is just quite hard to decide which one is more suitable for zaydi since were kind of walking in the middle of road if you know what I mean.

Thank you so much for your help! :)

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4 years 6 months ago #302 by Imam Rassi Society
wa alaykum as salaam.

Thank you for your question! Your points are valid and deserves consideration. I would reply that the community to which you align yourself must be one that would not threaten your beliefs and practice. If you feel that the Sunni community would be a lot more open-minded and accepting than you can join them. However, if you feel hat the 12er community would be more tolerant then you can join them. The answer to the question really depends on you though. Do you feel strong enough in your beliefs and practise to not be swayed either way?

There are other issues to consider such as marriage and children and in what madhhab will the children be taught and raised. There are other issues that could be problematic. You are the best judge as to which community will help foster your growth and would be least threatening to your Zaydi identity.

Things like funerals are collective responsibilities that Muslims owe each other regardless of madhhab.

And Allah knows best!


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