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Salam brother !!

I have another question regarding the matter of Divorce ( Talaq ) what is the zaidi view on the matter of talaq is it the same as 12ers or as sunnis ?

The general details of divorce are mentioned in the text we translated, The Beneficial Summary. It states:


It is not valid except from a morally responsible spouse. Only the sunnah divorce is permissible.

The two types of divorce are sunnah and innovated (bidi’).

The sunnah divorce is that which consists of only one pronouncement in the state of ritual purity while there is no intercourse. It is also a divorce that doesn’t take place during her menstruation prior to her purity. If the woman was not in the state of menstruation, the only condition is the pronouncement.

The innovated divorce is that which differs from the sunnah divorce. Whoever does it incurs sin, but the divorce is valid.

Divorce can be divided into revocable (raja‘i) and irrevocable (bā`in).

The revocable divorce is that which takes place after intercourse. One does not owe compensatory money, and it is not the third divorce. The judgments is that revocation of the divorce during the woman’s waiting period is permitted, as well as inheritance between the two of them, the woman leaving the house with his permission, and adornment. It is religiously obligatory for the husband to provide lodging. It is prohibited to marry her sister or a fifth wife until the divorced wife’s waiting period expires.

The irrevocable divorce is the absence of one of the revocable divorce’s conditions. Its judgment is the opposite of that of the revocable divorce. It’s immediate, and its conditions are based upon the condition.

Hopefully, this answers your question.

And Allah knows best!


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