Supplicating in the prostration

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Question: It is narrated in Saheeh Muslim and Sunan Abu Dawud that the Prophet, pbuh, said: ((I prohibit you from reciting Qur’an in the bowings and prostrations. As for the bowings, you are to magnify Allah in it. As for the prostrations, increase in supplications in it for verily it will be answered for you)). Is this hadith considered authentic? If so, what supplication should you make in the prostrations?

Answer: Imam Murtaza Muhammad bin Yahya al-Haadi, upon them be peace, replied to this question. He replied:

As for what is narrated from him, peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny, in which he prohibited recitation of the Qur’an in the bowings and prostrations—that is authentic and he commanded such. As for what is narrated from him, peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny, regarding supplication during the prostrations in the obligatory prayer—this is not authentically attributed to him. This is because supplication is speech and humans seeking from Allah for one self, one’s wealth and blessings. It is also supplicating against one’s oppressor and asking for him to be destroyed. All of this is speech and talk which is not permissible in the prayer. Supplication is impermissible and not halaal in any prayer—whether it is the obligatory prayer or supererogatory prayer. It can only take place after the final salutation (tasleem). A proof of that is from the Book of Allah when He says {And when thou art relieved, be steadfast and to thy Lord strive} (Q. 94:7-8 ). He therefore commands after being relieved of the prayer that one is to be steadfast to Him, Glorified be He!

And Allah knows best!


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