Folding the arms in prayer and referring to Sunni

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Thank you for the answer,

now you have mentioned that zaydis pray salat generally in Sunni masjids, is it permissible to fold hands while praying with the congregation? And can we refer to any Sunni madhab for various things (such as referring to the hanafi or Maliki madhab)
As a rule, although it is permissible to pray behind Sunnis, it is impermissible to fold the hands during the prayer. Imam al-Qasim ar-Rassi, upon him be peace, narrated that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny, said:
((When you stand for the prayer, do not place your right hand on the left or the left hand on the right. This is the action of the People of the Book. Rather, you should lay them straight)).

Similarly, Imam Murtaza Muhammad bin Yahya, upon them be peace, included laying the right hand over the left in prayer in his book of prohibitions.

As for issues of jurisprudence, it is best to refer to the books of the Zaydiya. The simplest book of reference is the

And Allah knows best!


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