Abu Hanifa and the Zaydiya

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ass salamu a'leykom dear imam barakallah fik allahoma salli 'ala mohamed wa alih excuse me sorry i have question please :
why abu hanifa radiallah 'anho practices qabd in his salat whereas his imam was imam zaƮd radiallah 'anho; and imam zaid practises ass sadl.it is very strange. do you know why abu hanifa doesnt practises ass sadl in its salawat?
wa alaykum as salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Thank you for your questions!

I think this question would be more suited to Hanafis rather than Zaidis. I would also hesitate to say that Imam Zaid (as) was Imam Abu Hanifa's imam. Although it is true that Imam Abu Hanifa supported the political cause of the imams, he cannot be considered a Zaidi simply for that reason alone. Remember, that there were companions who supported the causes of Imam Ali (as) however, they were not Alawi in theology and practice. They simply forwarded his mission for political reasons. Similarly, although Imam Abu Hanifa is highly respected in Zaidi circles, he is not considered a Zaidi theologian, Zaidi jurist or an authority in the Zaidi school.

The sadl is not the only divergence from the Zaidi school. Also, keep in mind that it is the opinion of the Hanafis that the basmala is recited silently. However, according to the consensus of the Ahl al-Bayt (which Zaidis take as a hujjat), the basmala is to be recited aloud in the audible prayers. Such example only serves to further demonstrate that even though Imam Abu Hanifa learned from Imam Zaid (as), it cannot be said that Abu Hanifa was a Zaidi.

And Allah knows best!


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