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Barakallah fik dear imam ghafarallah laka and thanks very well. Allahoma salli 'ala mohamad wa ali mohamed. I have a last question concerning this tachahud : bismillah wa billah wal hamdulilah wa khayr ul asma ul husna kuluha lilahi ... etc and the chahada... there is an origin of this tachahud on ahadith books of bukhari or muslim or abu daoud or ibn maja? Rahmatullah alayhom adjama'in. This tachahud have a sunni origin or only chiia or zaydiya origin? Please dear imam can you give me ahadith of this tachahud. Its very strange because it is not in sunni tradition and practise.
Thanks you for your answer and for my bad english langage. God bless IRS.
as salaamu alaykum.

Regarding the tashahhud, the aforementioned wording ("Bismillah wa Billahi...") is not narrated in its entirety in any Sunni book of hadith. Some books contain portions. For example, there is a report narrated on the authority of Jabir (ra) in which he stated that the tashahhud began with "Bismillah wa Billahi" and then he mentioned the testimony of faith close to that of Ibn Mas‘ūd. Other reports say that he began with "Bismillah..." and then narrated the tashahhud as it is recited by Sunnis.

This aforementioned wording ("Bismillah wa Billahi...") does appear in Zaydi books of hadith such as the Musnad of Imam Zayd (as), Amaali of Ahmed bin Isa bin Zayd (as), Sharh at-Tajreed and other books of hadith with complete chains of narrators.

Its legitimacy and authenticity does not depend on whether Sunni narrators report it or not. If you peruse the Sunni books of hadith, you will find variant wordings for the tashahhud.

As for the Sunni reports that narrate some of the wording of the Zaidi tashahhud:
The wording "Bimillah wa Billahi" on the authority of Jabir (ra) appears in Sunan an-Nisa`i and Al-Mustadrak. Imam Hakim authenticated the report.

There is another wording that says: "Bismillahi wa khayr al-Asmaa." This is narrated from Umar in Al-Mustadrak and Al-Hakim said that it is authentic according to the criteria of Muslim. It also appears in the Sunan of al-Bayhaqi.

There is also "Bismillah wa Billahi wa khayr al-Asmaa" narrated from Ibn Zubayr in the Mu'jam al-Kabeer and al-Mu'jam al-Aswat of at-Tabaraani.

And Allah knows best!

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