praying the noon prayer (adh-dhuhr) behind an imam praying asr

1 year 8 months ago #898 by admin
Is it permissible to pray the noon prayer (adh-dhuhr) behind an imam praying the late noon prayer (al-‘asr)?
In reality, there are some Muslim scholars that permit this however, according to the Zaydi scholars of Ahl al-Bayt, this prayer would not be valid. This is because the follower must follow the imam. If one differs from the imam in intention this would be similar to one intending to ride to al-Hudayda with a driver intending to go to Sa’da. The important thing is differing in intention from the imam which is the basis. You could find this issue mentioned in the commentaries of Al-Azhâr. (Abul-Fâžl)

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