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Thank you for your question!

As for my opinion or anyone else's regarding female circumcision, it is immaterial--with all due respect to the questioner. We have previously posted about female circumcision. Please refer to it.

Also, as we previously mentioned, I'm not sure how fruitful and productive any further discussion would be due to the fact that we do not share the same frame of reference. I am unconvinced that circumcision is an illegitimate act of mutilation and you are unconvinced that it isn't. Don't really know how far this conversation can go.

However, whether you believe in its legitimacy or not, some points of consideration are:
1.) Was circumcision practised by Arabs and other Semitic peoples prior to the advent of Islam?
2.) Did the people who practice it see it as an injunction from Allah and a tradition from the Messengers?
3.) Was not the Qur'an revealed to correct erroneous notions of people regarding doctrine and practice?
4.) Was it practised during the time of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him and his progeny, and after the revelation of the Quran?
5.) Was there any Quranic verse revealed that condemned circumcision?

Don't you think that if it was an abhorrent practice not sanctioned by the Almighty, He would have revealed a verse condemning the genital mutilation of human beings just as He reveled a verse condemning the slitting of a cattle's ear? I mean with all due respect to my four-legged friends, you can't compare the ears of cattle to the genitals of human beings!

And Allah knows best!

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