Fatwa: Ritual ablution after ghusl

4 years 4 months ago #191 by Imam Rassi Society
Question: Is it obligatory to perform the ritual ablution for prayer after washing from the major ritual impurity or for the Friday congregational prayer? Is it sound to intend the washing for the major ritual impurity, and is the prayer before the wash sound with this ritual ablution?


It is apparent that it is valid if one intended and performed the ritual ablution during the wash because he cleansed, rinsed the mouth and nose, washed the face and forearms, poured water on the whole body and washed the feet while intending to purify from major ritual impurity and the prayer.
The preference is that if time is restricted, there is no prohibition to suffice with the aforementioned method. However, if there is enough time, one should perform the ritual ablution.

--answered by Sayyid Allama Muhammad bin Abdul-Azeem al-Houthi
الجواب: الظاهر أنه يجزيه أن ينوي ويتوضأ للصلاة حال الغسل بأن يستنجي ويتمضمض ويستنشق ويغسل وجهه وذراعيه ويتغشى ويكمل الغسل ويغسل رجليه وينوي للجنابة والصلاة. و الراجح إن كان الوقت قد تضيق فلا مانع بالاستغناء بالغسل بهذه الطريقة المتقدمة وإن كان الوقت متسعا فليتوضأ.

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