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Jazakallahu khayrun!

What about which has caused some controversy within Bukhari and Muslim which says:

It is narrated on the authority of Jabir that the Messenger of Allah said: ((I have been commanded that I should fight against people till they declare that there is no god but Allah, and when they profess it that there is no god but Allah, their blood and riches are guaranteed protection on my behalf except where it is justified by law, and their affairs rest with Allah)).

Is this narration also present within our corpus? If so, how have our Imams explained it?

Barakallahu feek

Wa yakum!

Thank you for your question! As for the aforementioned hadith, it does appear in the Zaydi corpus of hadith and our imams and scholars have commented on it.

As for the texts, it appears in the Ahkaam of Imam al-Haadi (as) as well as the Amaali of Abu Taalib (as) and Shifaa al-'Awaam. Our imams and scholars also cite the narration using it as a proof and without weakening it. This proves its acceptance among the Zaydiyya.

As for its meaning, our imams and scholars say that it refers to the mushrikeen and idol-worshipers of the Arabian peninsula. It is restricted in meaning and does not have a general application according to Al-Bahr az-Zakhkhaar and Al-Intisaar 'ala Ulema al-Amsaar. It is also restricted by verses such as Q. 9:29.

And Allah knows best!


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