The fate of Uthman

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What was Imam al-Hadi’s (as well as the opinion of our other Imams) on the fate of Uthman? References for their views on this would come in very useful. The reason I’m asking is because a Twelver is insisting that the vast majority of our scholars with possible ijma that Uthman is in eternal hellfire in line with our belief in al manzila bayna al manzilatayn due to Uthman dying upon disobedience as there is no record of his repentence.


Thank you for your question! As for the fate of Uthman, I have not come across anything from our imams that say that he is burning in Hellfire. Rather, Imam Mansur Billah Abdullah b. Hamza (as) in Al-Majmu' al-Mansuuri quotes Imam Ali's statement regarding Uthman:

"He (i.e. Uthman) misappropriated wealth and did so evilly. You (i.e. his killers) protested against it and did so evilly. To Allah belongs the judgement of the protester and misappropriator."

[Sermon 30 of Nahj al-Balagha]. Imam Ali (as), the foremost of our imams, did not state anything to the effect that Uthman is in Hellfire. Rather he reserved the judgement to Allah.

Although our imams recognise the wrong actions and innovations of Uthman, which are well-known, there seems to be a reservation in stating that he is burning in Hellfire--following the precedent of Imam Ali (as).

And Allah knows best!


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