Metaphysical questions

9 months 3 weeks ago #1285 by Mohammad
Regarding heaven and hell, could we get a solid understanding, or idea of how it would be?

For example, the verses in the Quran; are they hinting towards a physical reality that the believer and disbeliever will experience? i.e skin being peeled and regrown, or simply enjoying whatever they desire, what if they desire to not desire, etc.

Have our Imams understood the verses to simply be allegorical elucidations of something that is non-temporal, or do they simple choose to leave these matters of the unknown to the day in which we shall all perceive the ultimate reality.

Furthermore, what do our Imams say regarding Asharite creed, and free-will.

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9 months 3 weeks ago #1287 by Imam Rassi Society
Thank you for your questions! As for the metaphysical realities of the Paradise and Hell, I haven't come across anything from our imams that suggests either extreme. That is to say, although our imams do not delve into these realities in any detail that would suggest literal interpretation, I can't help but think that there is an unknown allegorical aspect to it all as well. But remember, allegory doesn't always imply a physical representation of an abstract idea. Allegory can also be a known reality that represents an unknown reality. I'm more inclined to think that our imams engaged in the latter type of allegory when it comes to affairs of the hereafter.

As for the Zaydi position on the Asharite creed, we take umbrage with many of the cardinal points of Asharism, such as the Vision of Allah in the hereafter, predestination, the temporary stay of major sinners in Hellfire, etc.

As for Freewill in a nutshell, we say that if it is proven that we create our own actions, then it is proven that we have the choice regarding our good and bad deeds.

And Allah knows best!

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