All praise is due to Allah, the only One qualified (al-Mukhŧass) with the attributes of Godhood (al-Ilahiyah) and timelessness (al-qidam); the Overpowering (al-Mut‘āli) over in-time existence and nonexistence (al-‘adam); the One which time does not precede, nor ages (zamān); the One who cannot be pointed to and is not confined to place (makān). Majesty exalts Him. The One whose Entity (dhātihi) is shown from what He originated, the variety of His designs, and the amazing things amongst His creatures; until its dumbness speaks and declares His Lordship without a tongue. He manifests a convincing argument against everyone who attempts to thwart [i.e. His reality] and against atheism.
May His prayers and peace be upon our master, Muhammad, the one who was supported by miracles; the bringer of awe and honour to the Messengers. [May the prayers and peace] also be upon his Family, the sources of guidance and the guardians over all of the guardians. [May the prayers and peace] also be upon his noble Companions that maintained true faith, as well as the Followers that follow them in excellence until the Day of Judgment.


Praise be to Allah whom has made the Quran a light guiding us from the darkness of misguidance, a mercy, and a healing medicine from the disease of blindness and ignorance.

It is the savior for those who hold fast to it and its people whom it has indicated to them with the clearest of indication. Allah the all mighty and glorified has made it a proof to those who are mindful and guided to be evidence to whom is true guidance. It is a true testament to its wisdom from its maker.